Using a flat fee realtor to sell your home

Benefits of Using a Flat Fee Realtor to Sell Your Home

If you’re a home seller, you know that selling your house can be an intimidating process. There are many decisions to make and processes to go through before the sale is finalized. You might be wondering if it is worth it to use a flat fee realtor. If you use a flat fee realtor, there will never be any confusion about how much commission they take out for themselves. There are plenty of benefits to using a flat fee realtor to sell your home and here’s why!

No Hidden Fees to Sell Your Home

If you’re using a flat fee realtor, you know exactly how much they will charge from start to finish. This will help avoid any hidden costs or unexpected changes in price later on down the road. Knowing exactly how much your realtor will charge from the beginning is a great way to establish trust and clear up any worries that you may have before starting the process. This can also help you plan accordingly for your future endeavors, such as buying your next home.

Using a flat fee realtor to sell your home

No Worries About Overpricing Your Home

An agent who charges flat rates (and who isn’t working on commission) doesn’t have any incentive to list your home for well above market value because they don’t get anything extra from you if they do. Flat fee real estate agents will only earn money if your house sells successfully, which means it is in their best interest that you sell at a fair market price.

Using a flat fee realtor to sell your home

The Amount You Owe Stays Consistent

With a flat fee realtor, you know exactly how much money you’ll need to set aside at closing to pay them. You don’t have to worry about their commissions changing along with price negotiations down the road. Flat fee agents won’t charge any hidden costs or sell extra services – they simply show up and sell your house! 

Real estate commissions can be costly and annoying. Flat fee realtors do not charge the typical 6% commission. This saves you thousands!!

Using a flat fee realtor to sell your home

You Are Not Bound to Your Flat Fee Realtor If They Do Not Sell Your Home

Traditional real estate agents lock you into a contract and promise to pay the 6% real estate commission. Flat fee realtors allow you to cancel the contract at any time. If your home does not close successfully, you will not have to pay that flat fee and you can explore other options or other flat fee realtors.

Using a flat fee realtor to sell your home

Flat Fee Realtors Can Provide Valuable Tools to Sell Your Home

If you would like to maximize your value, flat fee agents can still manage the details of home selling. They can help you set up the property, including listing it in an MLS that can be located on real estate websites or taking photos. They also provide ongoing support and services to clients.

Using a flat fee realtor to sell your home


Flat fee realtors are a great way to simplify the sale of your home. As you can see, there are many benefits to using this type of agent over commission-based agents for selling your house. If you’re ready to start looking into how much it would cost and all the services provided by flat rate agents in your area, contact one today!

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